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Welcome to the Wiki!

Welcome to the Riverside Opera Wiki Project! We’re really excited to offer a place where players can help record the history and lore of our game. Please note, however, that this Wiki is a work in process, and as such, the entire width and breadth of Riverside Opera lore is not represented herein. As we go and as both users and administrators add content, the world will expand and be fleshed out until we eventually have a finished, polished resource and record for new players and current players alike.

Wiki Rules

  • All information contained in this Wiki is considered ‘’OOC Information’’ unless specifically designated in an in-character information section (these are usually called “Public Information”).
  • In order to be awarded XP for completing a wiki page for your character, all fields listed in the PC Template must be filled out (including all fields in the Infobox and at least one paragraph in each of the other sections).
  • Players may expand their character’s wiki page as they so choose or use wiki code to personalize their page, but administration staff reserves the right to edit pages.
  • Players may only create pages for their PCs and public facing establishments owned by their PCs.
  • Players may only edit pages for their PCs, pages of establishments that belong to their PCs, or sections of pages that explicitly state they may be edited. Editing portions of pages that fall outside of these guidelines is not allowed.
  • Editing any page, including your own, in a way that could be considered OOC trolling is not allowed. Players who edit in this manner will lose their access to the Riverside Opera Wiki Project.
  • XP will only be awarded once per character for the PC Page. If you wish to add pages for previous PCs (that have not become NPCs) or pages to represent public facing businesses, you may do so, but no extra XP will be awarded.
  • Please confirm that you have the right and license to images you upload to this wiki. Images used without appropriate license and permission will be removed. Players may use images from the Riverside Opera Facebook Page on this wiki.

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